Today’s IT leaders need to support current business operations while also charting a sensible path to be more agile and more secure. Selecting the right service provider that can partner with you to plan and build innovative solutions and optimize your IT environment has never been so important.

NewAge Tech LTD empowers smart businesses with leading technology through consulting, integration, and IT outsourcing. We bring an in-depth understanding of an organization’s business needs to each project, helping our clients to deliver strategic outcomes from their technology deployment efforts.

NewAge Tech Ltd is a privately held corporation founded by senior Internet security industry executives with specific expertise in enterprise and consumer desktop security.
NewAge Tech Ltd has a strong presence at several sectors in Israel such as HealthCare, Government, Insurance, Finance, Telecom, Industries, and more.


Data Security

Inside, outside, upside, down – the very technologies, systems and even people a business relies on, can also be the greatest risk for a company’s security. While unauthorized access to an organization’s information assets can be costly, the damage that rogue applications, hackers and developers of malicious content can rob a company of its ability to conduct business.

That’s why NewAge Tech Ltd continues to devote its resources to research and implement truly end-to-end Network Security solutions. From determining the level and areas of vulnerabilities to the development of solutions and ongoing security audits, we are able to help minimize your organization’s risk and ensure the ongoing security of your business networks and other important systems. 

Security Services

·         Security Vulnerability Assessment
·         E-mail Security and Encryption
·         Security Solutions
·         Security Policy Design & Management
·         Firewall Design and Implementation
·         Attack and Penetration Testing
·         Intrusion Detection/Prevention
·         Authentication Solutions
·         VPN and Clientless VPN
·         Virus Protection
·         Content Filtering
·         VoIP Security
·         Compliancy Over-viewing Web
·         Real-Time Threat Management
·         Wireless Security
·         End-point Security
·         Remote Monitoring and Management
·         Security Certification Training


Speed productivity. Enhance capability. Improve service. Expedite processes. The promises of technology are limited by a business’ ability to use these investments to their full capacity. In other words, it’s not just what you have, but how it’s all put together.

At NewAge Tech Ltd, our technical team was formed with Network Infrastructure. The reason we’re so good at it is that we base our recommendations not just on what we know, but also on what you need your systems to do – today and into future. What’s more, we understand that you need to preserve existing investments in technology.

Best of all, we have the expertise and capacity to handle all aspects of Network Infrastructure. From the very foundation of structured networks design, to mission-critical applications, to the data and software available of even the most remote wireless user’s laptop – NewAge Tech Ltd is your single source resource whether our role is only part or the sum of all parts of the solution.

Enterprise Networking

·         Network Design
·         VPNs
·         Multi-Layer Switch Networks
·         Bandwidth Management
·         High Availability
·         LAN/WAN Deployment
·         Load Balancing
·         Network Analysis and Optimization
·         Planning and Design
·         Redundancy
·         Project Management
·         Training and Support
·         Traffic Analysis
·         Routers
·         WAN Acceleration
·         Wireless Solutions


NewAge Tech LTD offer an extensive array of services that are based on environments such as Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, and Vmware.


No matter what you need to outsource, or where you are in the outsourcing cycle, the Outsourcing Institute helps you procure and manage outsourced services more efficiently and effectively. We offer a full complement of customized solutions and consulting services to support any or all stages of outsourcing procurement.


As more and more companies realize that they need to focus management attention and resources on their core competencies and strengths, they are looking for ways to outsource non-core activities. One of the areas that is gaining momentum in this area is the outsourcing of IT services and infrastructures.

NewAge Tech LTD is uniquely positioned to prosper in this growing field due to its extensive knowhow in a variety of IT platforms (both hardware and software), operating systems and data bases.

Minimized Risk

Introducing new technology into a production environment can cause more problems than it solves if it is not done carefully. NewAge creates a customized test plan to measure project success and has rollback criteria for every stage of the project.

Empowered Clients

Documentation and training are essential to helping any staff take ownership of their newly implemented security technology. This critical, yet often overlooked task is incorporated into every NewAge Tech Ltd project engagement.

 No Surprises

From the pre-project planning call to the delivery of final documentation, communication is proactive and prevalent on all of our engagements to ensure there are no surprises.

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