Fenror7 is the only working Lateral Movement solution that detects any malicious Cyber activity as it moves.
Fenror7 lowers the TTD (Time To Detection) of hackers, malwares and APTs in enterprises and organizations by 90% from 300 days on average (by current reports) to 24 hours or less.
Fenror7 closes the detection gap the market is facing today using our Lateral Movement Detection (LMD) engine.
The unique technology detects any malicious  Lateral Movement as it moves in the organization and prevent it from being escalate:

  • Simply connect Fenror7 to your network and start working. No extra resources, configuration or fine-tuning is needed.
  • Our sophisticated dashboard gives you all the information you need about your current security status. Never be blind again.
  • No need for extra storage, resources, human power or expertise. Quick guide on site and you are a Fenror7 master!

With offices at Israel and Germany Fenror7 provide enterprises and organizations a full visibility of their current status.

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