Application Response Time
Layer8 provides visibility into the different layers of the transaction including:
request queuing, database, caching, application code, external calls and more.

Transaction Tracing
Visualizing where your app is spending its time is a game-changer. You can’t fix what you can’t see.
Layer8 enables you to see the entire transaction.

Finding The Needle in The Hay Stack
Layer8 identifies the issue within the network in seconds.
Allowing users to reach the root cause and eliminate the issue.

With Layer8, SLAs are monitored and met with the help of real-time analysis based on a complex rules engine.

End-to-End Performance Validation
Validate the performance of all the factors of the network with every transaction.
Identifying the weakest link within any of the 7 layers.

Network Topology
Unlike any other network topology tool, Layer8 automatically discovers network dependencies,
giving the users insightful data within seconds.

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