Spearheaded by leading Israeli security experts, Morphisec provides the ultimate threat prevention by making sure attackers never find the targets they seek. Ever. Morphisec fundamentally changes the cyber security scene by shifting the advantage to defenders, keeping them ahead of attacks with moving target defense. Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention uses Moving Target Defense technology to effectively conceal vulnerabilities in applications and web browsers from attackers. Its polymorphic engine scrambles the application’s runtime environment, randomly and without any trace, every time an application is loaded, making the memory space unpredictable to attackers. Morphisec delivers the most efficient endpoint threat prevention solution in the market. It solves the problems of advanced threat protection and patching gaps with a slim prevention solution that is powerful, hassle-free and offers lowest total cost of ownership.

Hackers head for the most vulnerable spots in your network – the endpoints. Up to 80% of attacks happen there, exploiting flaws in applications and web browsers. Under the traditional Detection & Remediation paradigm – even with sophisticated behavioral-analysis based solutions – applications remain vulnerable from the time a new attack is launched until it is publically discovered, a solution developed, and a patch deployed.

Morphisec shifts the security paradigm with proactive, early prevention that uses the hackers’ tactics to beat them at their own game. Its moving target defense technology morphs the runtime environment so authorized code runs safely while malicious code is blocked and trapped. By preventing attacks before a breach ever occurs, Morphisec changes the security economics, cutting costs and minimizing disruption and damage to business. Your endpoints, once a site of weakness, become a line of defense.

The Morphisec solution protects your endpoints from all exploit-based, memory injection attacks in your endpoint 32-bit applications such as browsers, MS Office programs and other productivity tools. It prevents evasive attacks, zero-days and attacks targeting known but unpatched vulnerabilities. It does so in a deterministic manner, with no false positives, all via a lightweight 1 MB agent with no run-time components and requiring no administration.

  • Prevents zero days and advanced attacks in real-time, without requiring any prior knowledge of the threat form, type or behavior
  • Covers endpoint vulnerabilities exposed by gaps in patching cycles
  • Installs on the fly with no rebooting and no maintenance required – no databases, signatures, rules to update, no logs and alerts to analyze
  • Extremely lightweight agent with no run-time components and no impact on endpoint performance
  • No false alarms that divert resources and obscure real threats
  • Runs autonomously; protects employee machines in and outside company network
  • Complements and cooperates with other security agents
  • Application agnostic – protects all your applications with no need for special configurations
  • Scales to meet the needs of any size organization
  • A Management Server, delivered as on-premise or cloud-based, handles tracking of all the endpoint
  • A clear, powerful dashboard, delivers real-time visibility into attacks and displays current organizational attack status


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