Promisec provides quick and accurate visibility & remediation to security policy violations on the endpoints- workstations and servers.
As Gartner says – “the Bogyman is already inside” i.e. , something/someone has already compromised your endpoints this way or another – Promisec PEM is  a very efficient, agentless,  Endpoint Detect & Remediate(EDR) solution to track the compromised endpoints and remediate them ASAP.
If the endpoints agent based solutions are the guards in the gates (of the endpoint) we are the agentless patrol making sure they are doing their job. i.e. the agent is installed & updated to the latest version and its service is up and running.

Promisec provides:

  • Accurate information from the registry. Much more accurate than Agent based information collected from SCCM and the likes
  • Manual and automatic monitoring and remediation nually, semi-automatically or automatically White list and Black lists on the endpoints
  • Visibility and flexible remediation possibilities that saves HR and money in system maintenance of the endpoints
  • Accurate reports can save a lot of time and money when preparing and going through internal and external IT security audits like – ISO27001, PCI, HIPPA, NIST, SOX and others.
  • 100% agents implementation compliance
  • Advanced tools for HASH matching and File reputation of HASH’s. Can be part of the prevention strategy against advanced malware attacks
  • Easy to use ‘Zero Day’ tool to get any information from the Endpoints registry and file system.


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