Sasa Software, founded in mid-2012, specializes in IT security.
It is owned by Kibbutz Sasa and is situated in northern Israel. Our solutions have been successfully tested within Plasan’s and Kibbutz Sasa’s networks. This has enabled us to release our products to the market with confidence and great reliability. Furthermore, our solutions have been tested by independent authorities specializing in IT security.
Based on our product lines, we customize our solutions according to our client’s requirements and needs. Essentially, we supply high-end solutions and software to our customers. Our company complex is regulated by the Ministry of Defence Security Authority (MALMAB).

The new generation of malicious malware are sophisticated ,silent and hard to detect.
Malicious malware can penetrate the network via external devices, e-mail or via 3rd party applications. Once it has penetrated, the whole database and network performance are exposed and in danger.
In most organizations the most neglected IT security layers are at the Gateway and at the endpoint.
Overall our main target is to protect the organizations’ network data from malicious malware. This threat is common to any organization.

Our Team is highly experienced in IT systems and Secured Networks. Each one of its members has proven creative innovative capabilities within our customer-oriented workplace. We have successfully implemented solutions with numerous customers within a wide and heterogeneous group of sectors.

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